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How Health Expense Deductions can ADD $5000 to your 2013 Tax REFUND.

Mike D’Avolio, Senior Tax Analyst and CPA, discusses where we stand on upcoming tax law changes for Tax Year 2012. Mike has been with Lacerte[...]

Definition of ‘Tax Planning’ Logical analysis of a financial situation or plan from a tax perspective, to align financial goals with tax efficiency planning….

Hey Peeps, just in time for tax season, join me this *Friday, Feb 7th at 4pm pst*, on the *_TGIF Business Networking Hangout_* with special[...]

We went over the Business Use of Your Home form for reporting and determining what you can use as deductions. The space must be used[...]

Car Donation Tax Deduction Donate Car Tax Deduction. Learn to Reduce Debt, Taxes, Expenses & Earn Income! *Most Americans will earn $1000000 during their working years (18-65)….

Numerous taxpayers throughout the country miss out on tax benefits and deductions each and every year. There are so many deductions that a basic taxpayer[...] Cut your tax bill. Take a look at the commonly Overlooked Tax Deductions. The IRS changes some deductions in the tax code every y…

Tax expert, Greg Rosica of Ersnt & Young joined Candace Rose Anderson of to dish on the top overlooked tax deductions, tax planning, filin…