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This screen recording demonstrates how to calculate total earnings for an hourly employee and how to determine federal income tax, social security tax and medicare[...]

Capt. John Ragan, Start your own business and take the same tax deductions that the rich take, then Dr. Bruce Johns, aquaponics for food and[...]

Capt. John Ragan, How to start your own business, taking tax deductions that the rich take, Fukushima, electronic spying, government smarts, government control, government spying,[...]

Download the PDF here : Married Filing Joint or Married Filing Separately? Which filing status should you choose? …

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Drew Blease, Blease Financial Services. Tax Deductions. Daybreak.

Presented by Charles Wilfong, Monday, February 23, 2015.

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In this webinar you will learn money saving tax strategies & simple systems to help you find hidden profits AND protect your deductions! Discover…